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The Retired Players Association (RPA) offers 3 types of membership;


Each membership has it own unique collection of benefits designed to give the member a sense of belonging to a community, a football community. While are number one goal at RPA is to support retired football players through our Healthcare programs or assisting them in financial challenges they are facing, we want to create a community that helps bring football fans of all types together. As a group of players, fans and corporate members we have a stronger voice collectively and we can accomplish great things as a community of voices speaking out loud for all to hear.

By becoming a member you become a part of the RPA Community and effectively become an embassador, helping RPA provide services for player guidance and support not only to those in need but to those players who want to give back. Your membership helps RPA strengthen its commitment to retired players, their families and the community at large so that they will never have to stand alone to face their challenges.

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