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Influenza Awareness

The RPA would like to announce our partnership with the CDC - Centers for Disease Control

We are very pleased to communicate to our RPA Members, friends and communities that the Retired Players Association is now involved in a national "Prevention Awareness" campaign in partnership with the CDC to educate seniors and other at-risk individuals about influenza and other health issues.

"Prevention" is one of our primary goals at the RPA. Not only are we working as an official partner of the CDC but we have also joined with KARE11 TV, and together we are all dedicated to illness and injury prevention overall and will continue to communicate health related information to reach as many people as possible.

Below is more detail on our relationship with the CDC.

Mr. Eller,

The CDC is officially committed to working with NFLRPA.

There are different programs and campaigns under the umbrella of 'prevention' and one of these priority programs is Influenza, which hospitalizes over 200,000 people annually (including seniors and those with chronic illness).

We are working with one of many programs that need leadership partners in reaching at-risk communities such as families & seniors. RPA is a new and very important partner in this realm. CDC is specifically beginning their partnership with RPA thru Influenza prevention. And because RPA is seen as a hub of important resources for the community at large, CDC is dedicated to providing NFLRPA with materials necessary to educate and prepare your members, families, communities and at-risk individuals Nationally.

Free Infuenza Materials for download: Take the CDC Flu Quiz


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