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About RPA

One-time legends of professional football often go unrecognized after leaving the playing field — both in terms of their contributions to America’s greatest game, and to the valuable charitable work they do behind the scenes. The Retired Players Association ("RPA”) was created to shine a spotlight on these men and their contributions, connecting them with fans across the country who appreciate their efforts and want to help support their causes.

One way that RPA honors the retired pro football player is through our "Spirit of Canton Award".



The Retired Players Association is dedicated to providing powerful national advocacy and collegial support for retired professional football players, their families and the community at large. The RPA's specific area of focus is to raise awareness and funding in support of medical research in the areas of Alzheimer's and ALS, particularly as it relates to repeated head trauma. The RPA provides medical and financial assistance for members suffering from these illnesses. Additionally, the RPA lobbies nationally for more comprehensive medical benefits for retired athletes



By building a strong platform through realistic and feasible strategic alliances with like minded business and community leaders, we will create a center of guidance and support for those players in need and those players who want to give back. Our commitment to retired players, their families and the community at large is that they will never be left standing alone to face their challenges. Through the strategic development of professional, business and community based relationships, communication, fundraising and marketing events the RPA will create viable, honest relationships with programs and businesses relevant to the needs of retired players, their families and the community at large. The RPA will also serve as a confidential and reliable resource for players who are left without direction or who are suddenly faced with life-changing events. The RPA seeks to ensure that retired football players, their families and the community at large continue to strive and find fulfillment in their lives long after their careers as professional athletes have ended.

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